Leap Year Time Capsule for Kids

*UPDATED for the 2024 Leap Year.

February 29th only comes once every four years, and it’s almost here!  Leap year is usually not on a teacher’s radar, but it can be a lot of fun for kids.

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Leap Year Time Capsule

When my son was four, we made a time capsule for him.  Since he was four,  I had him write his name and he dictated the answers to a time capsule questionnaire to me. We inserted pictures of things he was into and who knows what else.  We put everything in a manila envelope, sealed it and it’s been sitting ever since.  Four years later, he has not forgotten about it.  He is so excited to open it next week.  I am too, because honestly, I don’t remember all of the things I had put in there.

Now fast forward to 2024, my son is 16 and he will be doing it again this year! I am sure I will get the teen tone “mom, really?”, but someday he will appreciate it!

leap year time capsule

Well, I thought it would be fun to make a leap year time capsule with my kindergarten class this year.  I made up this little questionnaire and I plan to have them fill it out on February 29th.  I  am going to ask for paper towel rolls to be donated.  The plan is to roll them up, put the time capsule in the tube, and then wrap the tube up.  The last thing will be to tuck the tube away until the next leap year!  Grab your freebie here.

leap year time capsule

Video Resources

IF you are looking for ways to explain leap year to young students, here are some videos I found.

Do you do anything for leap year?  What are some of your favorite activities?

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