Hanukkah Ideas and Resources

Today I am here to share some Hanukkah resources that you can use in your primary classroom.  Every year I have a child who celebrates Hanukkah.  I always let them share traditions their family may have.  It’s always fun to hear about their traditions from a kid perspective.

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Dreidel Game

A favorite activity we like to play is the dreidel game.  It has a great math element to it…bonus!  You can read about how to play here.  First, I pull out the dreidels and give my students some time to practice their spin.  This can be hard for some of my little firsties.

Hanukkah dreidels

I made a chart that I put at each table to remind them of what each spin does.  Grab yours here!

Hanukkah resources, dreidel

A fun treat I have made with my students are these marshmallow dreidels.  I didn’t use the blue sugar, but my students still loved them!

Hanukkah dreidels


There are so many fun Hanukkah books to read.  Here are some of my favorites.

Hanukkah books

Here is a Hanukkah resources Pinterest board that I have with more.  Click on the picture below to check it out.

Follow The Teacher Bag’s board Hanukkah Resources on Pinterest.

Here is a Hanukkah close read and interactive notebook activity for the primary grades.

hanukkah close read and interactive notebook

Do you do any fun Hanukkah resources or activities that you use in your classroom?  I would love to hear about them.




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