Diwali Resources for the Classroom

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Today I am popping by to share some ideas for teaching about Diwali.  I know technically it has already happened this year, but you may still mention it if you teach holidays around the world.   Diwali is a Hindu holiday that is celebrated by many families in and from India.  It is sometimes called the “Festival of Lights.”

diwali resources

Diwali Books

Here are some books that I read aloud to my class that are about Diwali.

diwali books

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  1. Diwali! (Amma, Tell Me About)
  2. Lots of Lights
  3. Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Diwali!
  4. Diwali Holidays and Festivals
  5. The Diwali Gift
  6. Rangoli: An Indian Art Activity Book

Diwali Resources

I’ve also started a Pinterest board of ideas.  I have many found many fun arts and crafty ideas.  Click below to check it out.

Follow The Teacher Bag’s board Diwali Resources on Pinterest.

Last year we had a family who celebrated Diwali.  The mom came in and taught all three first grade classes about Diwali.  She also brought a floating sky lantern for each kid.  My son was in first grade last year so he got one.  They were so much fun.

If you are interested in my Diwali pack which includes an interactive notebook and close read activity, click on the picture below.

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What are your favorite Diwali resources you use in the classroom? Do you have fun activities you do with your students?


  1. I love teaching Diwali. It is fun to talk about. We usually make the oil lamps out of paper.

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