Building Shapes With Snap Cubes

Do your students love snap cubes? Mine do! And they are a great way to get some fine motor work in. Letting my students free build is always fun, but sometimes I want to add some structure. Building shapes with snap cubes is a great way to incorporate math and fine motor practice.

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Snap It Task Cards

Snap It task cards provide the structure of building specific shapes and counting practice. The great thing about this activity is you don’t need a lot of supplies. Besides the task cards, snap cubes are really the only tool that you need. We like to use these snap cubes in our class because of the cube color selection. The other item you need are Snap It task cards that show what you want your students to build. These thematic cards can be changed out throughout the year to keep things fresh.

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First, students choose a task card to work on. Next, they build the shape. Last, they count the number of cubes they used. That’s it!

For some of my kindergarten students, I have them count the cubes as they take the structure apart. You can provide ten frames or a number chart to help them count their cubes.

The great thing about these task cards, is there are two ways to challenge those students who need it. They can build the shape without the color cues, or they can build the shape with just the outline as a guide.

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Are you ready to have your students begin building shapes with snap cubes? This post shows pictures from our Winter Snap It pack. There are more themes below, if you are looking for others.

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You can find more Snap It theme packs below.

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