Fun Apple Activities for the Classroom

Fall is here, which happens to be the best season of all time (in my opinion)! One of my favorite themes to teach in the fall is apples. I love having my students use their five senses to explore apples. We spent a week immersing ourselves in these apple activities that include science, art, read-alouds, and more.

apple activities

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Fun Apple Activities

This post highlights some of the activities that we did over our apple exploration week. You can find many of these activities in our Let’s Explore Apples Unit below.

Apple Vocabulary

There are so many resources to help build background knowledge when it comes to apples. Our class library was packed full of apple books. I covered our theme word wall with real pictures that help my students understand the vocabulary that I want them to learn.


Apple Science Using the Five Senses

One of our stations was an apple exploration station. We used our five senses to explore apples. Each student worked in their apple journal to record the way that apples look, feel, smell, and sound. We saved the tasting for a different station. One of their favorite activities was testing if an apple would sink or float.

apple sink or float worksheet

Apple Taste Test

Another one of our activities was utilizing our sense of taste with an apple taste test. I brought in five different varieties of apples. Using an apple slicer, we cut them up into bite-size pieces so students could try each variety.


After they tried each one, they voted for their favorite type of apple.

Apple Pie in a Cup

In addition to tasting real apples, we made an apple pie in a cup treat (the easy way). Students were given the supplies and instructions to make their own treats. A parent was helping at this station.


After they enjoyed their treat, they sequenced the steps so they could take the recipe home to recreate it at home.


Parts of an Apple

When we had our apples cut up for tasting, we looked at the different parts of an apple. I made an interactive chart that has velcro on it. Once the labels were laminated, students were able to place the labels onto the correct part of the chart.


After we practiced labeling the parts as a class, students made their own apple diagram.


Life Cycle of an Apple

After reading about apples, we sequenced the life cycle of an apple as a class. Volunteers came up and helped me place the pieces on our class anchor chart.


Next, students made an apple life cycle necklace. They loved this because they were able to take it home and retell the life cycle of an apple.


Our class loved using their five senses to explore apples. If you are interested in these apple activities, be sure to check them out in the Let’s Investigate Apples! unit below.

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