A Lot of Random- 50th Day, Owls and Gingerbread…oh my!

Okay, so bare with me because I have a lot of randomness going on in this post.  It’s good randomness (at least I think so) or else I would write about it.
First up, 50th day of school.  I know, that was AGES ago but I finished up a project we had started on that day.  Do you remember these?  My mom found them at a garage sale and I thought they would be great for the 50th day of school.


We had a mom photographer take gorgeous pictures of the kids and then we turned the records into ornament frames.

50th day of school- repurpose a record into an ornament

They are so much more cute in person!  To read more about our 50th day, click below.

Okay, moving on to my next piece of randomness.  We finished up our owl unit this week.  Our class was working on doing a whole class report on the snowy owl.  We finished that and then I decided to try a cute snowy owl project I had seen on Pinterest.  I never could find the original source, just a picture.  So, here is our snowy owls that we made with newspaper, white paper and white tissue paper.  I think they turned out super cute!

owl made it white copy paper and newspaper

Moving on to the last bit of randomness.  My class does not let me forget that Christmas is coming.  They are constantly singing Christmas carols; it is so cute.  Since I have a great class this year, I am taking full advantage and even playing Christmas music during our work time.  Normally I would start this until the week before break, but this group can handle it.

I’m so excited because I have my last set of math tubs prepped and ready to go.  I will use these the week before break.

gingerbread math centers

All of these and more are in the Gingerbread Math Center Fun pack.  Click below to see more.


Alrighty, I think that is enough for this evening.  Have a great rest of your week!


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