100th Day!

Today was our 100th day and we had so much fun!  I am fortunate to be at a k-8 school, so we have a lot of cross-age buddy work. On the 100th day of school, we have what is called 100 minutes of fun.  The “big” kids and parents run various stations related to 100 for the “little” kids (k-3).  It is really fun for the older kids because they were once the little ones and now get to be the helpers.  Here were some of the stations we had:

DSC 0086
The kids got to mix their own color on a spot

DSC 0088
handprint rainbow

DSC 0089
make a 100 bean shaker

DSC 0090
It’s hard to read but is was written by one of the older kids 
100 yard “opsticle” course- got to love the spelling

DSC 0092
100 legos

DSC 0093

DSC 0094
10 scoops on 10 ice cream cones

DSC 0096
the very popular fruit loop necklace

DSC 0095

DSC 0097

DSC 0099
Once we came in from 100 minutes of fun, it was about time for lunch.  After lunch we had library.  We ended the day celebrating our summer birthdays with a special 100 day snack.  I always do summer birthdays on this day so I won’t forget about it.  I am exhausted, but it was fun!

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