QR Codes – American Symbols


This is a pack of 30 videos about American symbols and monuments (land and sea) that have been attached to QR codes. The videos have been run through Safeshare to remove any ads or sidebar video previews.


This pack includes the 30 QR code cards that can be laminated and used. There is a blank response sheet to use if you choose to use it the cards. I have also included response sheets that each have their own QR code on it  I have found that my kids love to take the QR codes home with them to share with their parents. The individual response sheets work great for that!

There are videos on the following topics (the number represents how many videos for each of the topics)

Statue of Liberty (4)
Liberty Bell (4)
Mt. Rushmore (4)
White House (4)
U.S. Capitol (2)
Washington Monument (2)
Lincoln Memorial (2)
Gateway Arch (2)
Bald Eagle (2)
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial (1)
Uncle Sam (1)
Independence Day/US Flag (1)
Washington DC (1)

**You will need a QR reader app on your tablet and/or phone to access these. There are many free ones at the App store.


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